Why you should attend Social Media Day in Vizag

Social Media Day:

Social Media Day. The celebration which is all set to celebrate all over India. I still remember the way we celebrate Digital Marketing Day on Dec 16th, 2018. Almost every city celebrated like a festival and of course, it is. Now in a similar way, India is all set to celebrate another festival that is Social Media Day on this June 30th. Do you know how many cities are lined up to celebrate?? 14 Cities all over India joined as a team to celebrate the festival. 

Wanna know which city joined to celebrate? Here you go. Registration links are attached to the city names. Find your city and join the party.

Now let’s get into the details of Vizag’s Social Media Day Celebrations.

Social Media Day Celebration in Vizag:

I’m planning to celebrate Social Media Day from the month of March. I approached Rakesh Founder and CTO of Ubet Solutions to join the idea. As he always wanted to give awareness on social media to Vizag Students, business persons, and entrepreneurs, he accepted the idea of celebrating social media day. 

We started working on this from Mid April. We have designed a Landing page in 8 days and started promoting it through social media from mid-May. Meanwhile, Rakesh prepared the event schedule and I have prepared creatives to post it on Social Media.

Social Media Day

From June we are all set with a good number of registrations on hands and a lot of surprising stuff to throw on them. 

Why you should attend this Event ??

That’s a basic question which cannot be ignored to ask and skip to answer. I don’t want to give any kind of introduction on Social Media because you knew it well. But, do you really know better than us? Is the real question to ask from our side. 

Okay, let me tell you the things that you know about Social media.

  • Connecting with friends and Relatives.
  • A Conversation with know and unknown people.
  • Having fun with Facebook provided games.
  • Uploading your images.
  • Like, Share and comment on the things you like.
  • Increasing your followers count.
  • Following your favorite actors, athletics and famous personalities on Twitter and Instagram handles.
  • Tweets related to social issues with hashtags.
  • Using fun filled snapchat filters and uploading.
  • Creative use of Instagram stories.

Anything more from your side? So you call this as you know Social Media completely?

Now let me show you the unknown part of Social Media.

The Unseen part of Social Media:

Till 2015 even I believe it is all just for fun. But after taking Digital Marketing career I see it as scrap and a time waste platform which screws all my time by giving nothing in return. When I shifted from SEO to Social Media Marketing, I see it as a Mine. A gold mine which I left to dig. Here are the points that you never have seen on Social Media.

  • Connecting with my Target Clients.
  • Connecting with my Target Audiences.
  • Running Ads to get leads to my business.
  • Placing ads to promote my product and making some real money from facebook.
  • Throwing offers to my target audience to stay with me for some long time.
  • Selling my products.
  • Finding some real time audience to my clients from Facebook and generating leads for them.
  • Taking classes to my students through Facebook groups.

The unseen part of social media is all about the money which you are missing out. In the Social Media Summit, we decided to give all our real-time examples which helped us in our career growth as a compliment. 

What is Social Media Summit is all About ??

Social Media Summit 2019, where we unlock the actual money making secrets from Social Media.

  • Social Strategies which will work for your Business
  • Lead Generation
  • Increasing your Profits
  • Even to make money with a dumb Facebook page with a good amount of Followers

Speakers for Social Media Summit:

We got you the best support. Don’t worry. All three Speakers are self-learned from their mistakes and now successful in their space. Here are our Speakers and their Topics. Yeah, I’m one of them 😉 😉


Grab your Slot here:

We are happy to announce that we are almost sold out for the event. As informed earlier, This is a 5-hour power packed workshop and we are only taking in some serious people. So we limited our registrations to just 30 members.

If you haven’t registered yet, now is the last chance.

Main AIM behind this event:

I know how hard it is to work for 9am-6 pm. But still, we choose to do this for a standard life. We just wanted to create you some awareness that you can turn time wasting platform as an earning platform with some good learning stuff and efforts. 

I have many good friends who joined the league of leaving the 9-6 job and earning through Social media. Count me In in this league. 

There is a lot of stuff waiting for you on Social Media Day. Join the party.
See you at the Venue.

Vishnu Vardhan Written by:

Hey!! Vishnu here from Vishakapatanam State of Andhra Pradesh. Am an Entrepreneur, Animation Designer, and Digital Marketing Expert.


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