Success Journey of Social Media Day in Visakhapatnam

Social Media Day:

Such a beautiful crowd it is. Such a LIT. I literally felt goosebumps looking at such an incredible crowd for social media day. It was more than we expected. We totally loved it.

Social Media Day Crowd

You know, what’s the most loving thing from the crowd? All who attended the social media summit on the occasion of social media day are purely professional and have seen good results through social media platforms.

Few are very new to the digital marketing space and turned as a lead for us which is a good thing that counts.

Where it all started?

The Social Media Day which I and Rakesh planning to celebrate from April turns out to be some cool stuff with a lot of background work.

The online promotion part was taken care of Rakesh and all designing work including the landing page handled by the team LIRC Digital.

We decided not to go with offline promotion to serve the purpose of Social media Marketing. Finally, We made it possible.

We pulled out 45+ registration solely from facebook ads &social media which proves the power of Social Media Marketing.

Later I saw a post from Snehal who is the Founder of Indian Digital Club taking the initiation of celebrating the Social media Day all over India and invited us to take the lead from our respective cities.

As Visakhapatnam has already started working on it I P. Vishnu Vardhan took an initiation to celebrate the Social media day in Visakhapatnam officially under the hashtag #SMDIndia2019 

Is there a Competitor Event?

Yes, there is !! The reason why I used the word “Officially” is we got the competitor event which I came to know just 4 days before the event from WhatsApp story.

We felt a bit tensed because it is a free event and conducted by the all big Facebook pages in Visakhapatnam under the name of “Vizag Social Media Meetup”.

Competitor Event

As this event was organized from the big Facebook pages, students easily got connected and circulated superfast like a flash.

By the time, we got enough registrations to make the event. But what bothered us is, we got many calls questioning that both events are the same or different. And we mostly got this from our registered attendees.

We made them clear in our phone conversation that both events are different. Adding “we provide more insights from our personal Digital marketing experience and more marketing secrets are yet to reveal in this event”.

After those calls, I thought of writing a blog on Why you should attend Social media Day Summit in Vizagto make them feel both the events are different.

And also created the video “10 reasons to attend Social Media Day in Visakhapatnam.”

We made an official promotional video with “Social Media Day India Logo.”

We circulated these Blog and Videos to our Attendees and also posted it on our event page.

Our attendees understood the real point and made their way to our event.

What is the biggest challenge we faced?

We got everything on hands to start. We felt no challenge in crowd-pulling because Rakesh is already proven facebook marketer who is capable of bringing a decent number of attendees.

I brought nearly 6 from my circle who is really interested in business and Social media marketing.

The only challenge we got from, is the climate. The climate is really bad and made us feel nervous about the attendee’s whether they can make it or not.

We almost disappointed to see the crowd at time 2:00 PM where it is the actual time to start.

Attendees at time 2:00 PM

But to our surprise, we got the hall filled by 2:45 PM even in the bad weather condition.

Attendees by 2:45 PM

We thank all our attendees for making this far. The event got started a bit late and ended on time.

Time to start the real Event:
Our 1st Speaker:

Kishan Ankani is our 1st speaker who is with 8 years of experience in Digital Marketing. His topic is Social Media Strategies and Overview.

He gave us a beautiful insight on his topic which deals with

  1. Importance of Branding,
  2. 4W’s of Social media Marketing,
  3. Executing the right social media Strategy

Speaker 1 Kishan

4W’s of Social Media Marketing is a User Persona which is very important to understand as a digital marketer and as well as a social media marketer. He made his point clear with all 4W’s and our attendees loved it.

Our Second Speaker:

It’s me non-other than Vishnu Vardhan with the topic Social Media Business for Students. But I took a U-turn and prepared slides for Startup owners and Entrepreneurs where my actual topic is related to them.

So I deal with these topics.

  1. LinkedIn Marketing,
  2. Youtube Marketing.
  3. Twitter marketing.

Speaker 2 Vishnu Vardhan

I also gave my secret marketing recipe which I use and one of my projects from LIRC Digital is completely depended on this secret recipe which is about to launch on July 1st or 2nd week.

80% of the project got completed by Swetha who is my super cool friend and also my Frontend Designer.

I gave them LinkedIn Marketing hacks that can conquer Linkedin Ads. Tips to increase Youtube subscribers which really worked for one of my clients in recent days and also twitter Marketing tips.

The entrepreneur and attendees are really satisfied with the topic I deal with. Because they felt new in the topics which are untouched by them.

Our Third Speaker:

G. Rakesh Chandra who is the rockstar of Facebook ads came up with the super secrets which he uses in his daily life to earn money. The topic is very interesting that everyone should take a look.

Unleashing the Facebook ads is the topic where he shared many of his strategies and case studies with the attendees

Speaker 3 Rakesh

One of his student from the attendees with the name Ksheeraja who is pro reseller earned 25000/- in a month with his strategies.

She shares some of her insights to the attendees which really helped others and generated more interest in Rakesh presentation.

Keesraja One of our Attendee

Some of the topics that Rakesh covered in his presentation

  1. A perfect Facebook Ad
  2. The journey Triangle
  3. How to spy on your competitors
  4. How to make some real money from Facebook
  5. 3 Legit ways to create money
And the Celebration Begins:

With full of fun, we brought the cake to make it like a celebration.

Social Media Day Cake

All our attendees joined their hands with us in cake cutting and two of our attendees actively distributed the cake to the rest.

Cake cutting

We miss the group photo with all our attendees because of the bad weather condition in Visakhapatnam. They are in a hurry to catch their wheels.

So we made a group photo with the rest of the attendees who left in the room.

Group Photo

Event Organisers and their Team

Team LIRC Digital:

Yeah, It’s time to introduce my team who did everything for this event and made my day very more special.

Swetha took care of Event Landing page and Designs. Rohit finally became a photographer which he waited from long back. Lokesh supported me in promoting the links in his circle

Team LIRC Digital

Team Funnel Medium:

Rakesh leads the team from the front and Prasad and Sushma make him feel comfortable by giving their 100% support.

They always support Rakesh to Go Big and Do Big which is really important to any leader in the beginning.

Funnel Medium Team

Video Testimonials from our Attendees:

1st Video Testimonial:

Manoj who is my friend from Btech College and also new to digital marketing space. I suggested him to attend the Social Media Day event which can help him in his business. He gave us the video Testimonial. Have a look.

2nd Video Testimonial: 

Our 2nd Video Testimonial is by Ksheeraja who is a pro reseller (Student of Rakesh our speaker) earned 25000/- in a month. Have a look at her Video Testimonial

3rd Video Testimonial:

Sagufta Azmi is one of our active participation in the event who made us very happy with her answers Which was asked by speakers.

She came to know about the other side of Social media marketing from this event. Here is her Video Testimonial

That’s how the event went. Thank you so much for making our 1st event very successful with all your support.

We will get back to you very soon with more surprising elements and announcements. 

Stay Tuned

Vishnu Vardhan Written by:

Hey!! Vishnu here from Vishakapatanam State of Andhra Pradesh. Am an Entrepreneur, Animation Designer, and Digital Marketing Expert.