Game of Advertisements

Game of Advertisements:

It’s the right time for big brands to start the Game of Advertisement linking up to the world’s most famous TV series Game of Thrones. In Series, it may be the battle for the Iron Throne. But in Digital Marketing space, It’s a battle between the big brands to become the market leader.

I have never seen such a craze to any of the TV series in any language. Game of Throne is a series which was liked by most of the audience. Survey says 71.9% of audience belongs to the age group in between 18-29.  8.2 % of audience belongs to the age group under 18 and the male gender was dominating the sex ratio of the audience with 81.8%.

This ratio and percentages say it all why brands are running after Game of Thrones. Big brands wanted to link up their products with GOT theme and wishing to get more engagement than before.

When you play the Game of Thrones you either win or die. But, If you theme your campaign around it, the engagement you gain will definitely high.

Brands got this point perfectly and started brushing their creativity again after Blackhole Creative campaign. The show has already been creating a huge buzz on social media, and brands captured the pulse of the audience and release their creative post on social media.

Hold the door. Let’s see how the brands started Game of Advertisements on Game of Thrones theme.

Sundaram Mutual Funds (Adv 1):

Mutual Funds advertisement at it’s best. It’s human nature to spend money as much as we can to satisfy our daily needs but at the same time, we need to do savings for our future. To remind us on savings see how they promoted. I was really impressed when I saw this post.

“Better start saving as Winter is Coming”
A single line reminds us of saving money for our future

Sundaram Mutual Funds (Adv 2):

Again from the Sundaram Mutual Funds. But this time it reminds us to pay our debts. Do you remember the famous Lannister Family dialogue?  We mostly listen to this from Tyrion Lannister.

“A Lannister always pays his debts”
Brilliant use of this sentence that I never have seen.


Lenskart joins the game of advertisement with a series of posts by giving an apt title to the GOT Characters. The way they promoted their product was really impressive and No other lens product used it as they used. Now let’s jump into the series of Posts

Always on Watch: 
Yes, it’s about our favorite character Aegon Targaryen AKA John Snow who is rightful hire to the Iron Throne.

The Wild Child:
Not in a memory? Chill let me throw you one more clue. A Girl has no Name. Yes !! Exactly. A brave kid from the family Stark

Master of WIT:
No Clue? Okay !!! I Drink and I know Things. Now tell me who is he? Haha. I know you got it right. One of my and everyone’s favorite character all the time. Tyrion Lannister.

Born to Rule:
No. Not Cersei Lannister. I guess You already got her name. But still, let me tell you a few dialogues of her because I cannot control my anxiety when it comes to telling about her.

  1. All men must die. But we are not men.
  2. I will take what is mine with fire and blood.
  3. Fire cannot kill dragons
  4. No one will take my dragons
  5. Dracarys (Bhoooom !!! I know which scene you are connected with)

Yes she is none other than our Queen Daenerys Targaryen


It’s a mouth-watering name for everyone. I know!! But let’s be in control. I’m not ordering it for you. But I will tell you how they linked up their chicken with GOT.

#ForTheThrone is what GOT Season-8 came up with
#ForTheChicken is what KFC came up with

One more from the KFC Which blows our mind. Perfectly used which can never be imagined by us. I Literally like their creativity level of awesomeness.


Oreo Cookies: 

What is the most favorite part that you don’t want to skip in GOT? Opening Credits. Right!!! Yes, Even Non GOT fans like the opening credits with its unique style of visualization along with the music.

Oreo wants to take advantage of it and created a GOT Opening credits with their cookies. Fantastic thought right??? Let’s see how Oreo joined the Game of Advertisement with its creativity.

Amazfit India:

A well-known brand for Smartwatch joined the game of advertisement to give a tough competition for their competitors like a White Walkers.

Game of Watches”

Mountain Dew:

One of the best drink which shares a unique taste. As it is different from other drink products it also wants to be different in advertisements as well. So they used the advantage of Game of Thrones Theme and joined the game of Advertisements like other products.

#ACanHasNoName is a fantastic take from Mountain Dew Marketers.

Zomato India:

When it comes to Zomato, It always impresses with something interesting campaigning. This time Zomato came up with more like a Brain Teaser,

GOT Hardcore fans will get this answer in a very first look. But normal GOT Viewers, It’s hard to guess. Okay, I don’t want to spoil their Campaign but I will leave you the clue. I hope you watch the 1st episode of Final Season.  “Poor Umber Boy” is your clue. If you still didn’t get, better ask help to google

Uber Eats India:

This time uber came up with the different approach which is far better than the rest of its promotions. It took GOT main concept as it’s a promotional purpose

A symbolic representation of Winter is coming
Best of its promotions


Swiggy always wants to give the tough competition for Zomato. And it is always a healthy competition between them. They both entertain us with their creativity. Have a look at what Swiggy brought to serve

Durex India:

when it comes to creative post no one can beat Durex Creative Team. They always throws the tough competition to all the existing brands irrespective of their business domain.

Post at it best.
Content used perfectly.
The design is damn creative.

ManForce Condom

Manforce Condom who always tries to give the tough competition to Durex as it is its main competitor. The game of advertisements between these two condom manufacture companies is always at the next level of creativity. The content war between them runs so well that we cannot even decide the winner at the end of the day.


No need for much introduction on Rapido. Hope everyone knows better than expected. So the new sensation Rapido want to join the Game of Advertisement with much more excitement.

Do you know how it feels when you don’t watch the episode soon after the release? I know the fear of spoilers. I don’t even switch on my phone till I watch the episode to safeguard myself from the spoilers.

So to avoid the spoilers, Rapido came up with brilliant Line which helps their business.
“Escape from the spoilers” Such a beautiful line it is right?

Godrej Nature’s Basket:

Mango. Undoubtedly a king of all fruits. But still, want to fight with other fruits in terms of sale to prove himself as a right full king in the Summer Season.

If you want the great attention then link up with the GOT main Theme. That’s what the Godrej Nature’s Basket did. Okay, let me give you the clue so that you can relate this post.

Name: Daenerys Targaryen
Place of Origin: The Crownlands
House: Targaryen

Now common start relating and let me know the right answer in the comment session

Godrej Cinthol:

Cinthol Sends their regards because it’s summer and so the Game of Thrones. See how Godrej control joins the game of Advertisement with its creativeness.

Before discussion about Cinthol Tagline, I want to remind you of the famous dialogue from GOT which is mostly said by Arya Stark. Yes !!! You got it right. Valar Morghulis. Which is Braavosi greeting said in the High Valyrian language, literally translate “All men must die” 

So like Valar Morghulis, Godrej Cinthol came up with Valar Cool Star, Which conveys the meaning “All men must Shower”

Johnnie Walker:

Don’t know when did White Walker go after the Johnnie Walker. But in the end, Johnnie Walker came as a While walker in the Game of Advertisement.

Mother Dairy‏:

They way they relate the Famous Tyrion Lannister dialogue to promote their product deserves more claps and I bet no other Milk product used it soo well like Mother Dairy.

UNO India:

Nothing can be better than this. When creativity meets awesomeness, the result is unpredictable.

You Know Nothing John Snow <—> UNO Nothing Jon, Snow

The creative use of this brand is the next level.

No one really knows the game until they’ve met a #wild one! #Season8 #WILDlings #GOT

Posted by UNO India on Friday, April 12, 2019


The one who owns the rights to air the Game of Thrones from decades. Do you know how Game of Thrones season 7 ended? Yes !!! Exactly. Banner falls from the top building of Winterfell when Starks took it back after the great battle.

To make us remind the end of season 7 HBO released the poster which is very creative and brings back the all the best moments of Season 7 before jumping into the Season 8.


Most used Mobile Phone in India right now. So Xiaomi wants to make use of the Game of Thrones Craze in Indian audience and joined the game of advertisement to make more sales by getting a lot of engagements.

MAC Cosmetics:

Do you remember season 8 GOT Hashtag?

Yes exactly!!! Every brand uses this hashtag at the end of their product but no one makes good use of it. It might be their product limitation. But MAC Cosmetics wants to make good use of this hashtag with their product and joined the game of advertisement.

Quick Heal:

I have never seen Quick Heal involving the game of advertisement but keeping GOT craze in mind, this time they wanted to try something which is related to their product. the way they link their product really impressed.

Dragons always save their army and destroy the enemies. The concept is so clear and wanted to make use of this line by linking their product.


What is the biggest strength to Khaleesi? Dragons.
Yes!!! to want to be a queen by defeating all the enemies with her dragons. But not another opponent has her strength (Excluding white Walker). But every enemy of her has their own strength to fight for the throne

So Flipkart wants to convey the same.
“Not everyone wants the dragon to get what they want”

Tic Tac India:

Tic Tac Famous for mint flavor. What is this GOT Season 8 is all for? For the throne or to defeat the White Walker army? It’s better to say to defeat the White Walker army than saying for the throne.

Tic Tac want to convey the same by saying winter is here and so White Walkers. So they turned their candy like a white walker and joined the game of advertisement.

Sunfeast Dark Fantasy:

Result of the post will always high when you link up your product with creative content. Sunfeast Dark Fantasy used it perfectly with Dark fantasy. Let’s see how Sunfeast joined the game of advertisement.

Swipe right to see the complete post

Philips Lighting India:

When it comes to Light Manufacturing company, Philips top the list. So they decided to sit in the throne by saying to rule them all.

UNIBIC Cookies:

Do you remember the house names in Game of Thrones?  I know it’s hard to forget. Unibic wants to remind us of their products and where it comes from. See how beautifully they linked up with their product.

Audi India:

Let me wrap it this game of advertisement article with Audi Creative. The symbolic way of saying Winter is coming with its logo really a good way of presenting which deserves the space in the list of Game of Advertisements. let’s jump into the Audi Creative.


Final Words:

That’s all for this post. I wanted to make this article live on the very 1st day of GOT season 8 release i.,e, on Monday. But I have waited this long only because I don’t want to miss any brand which makes use of Game of Throne theme. Every brand deserves a big and special applause for bringing out of the box creativity.

As a Digital Marketing person, I always wanted to see this kind of promotions from every brand out there. This kind of creative posts will create healthy competition between the brands.

Hope you enjoyed this article.
See you soon

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