Chap-1: Digital Marketing Intro and Required Skills

Digital Marketing Introduction:

Hope everyone is familiar with the word Digital Marketing. Because It is the most used word in recent days with the training institution advertisements or with your Digital Marketing Friend. I think in every 100 members at least 40 members know Digital Marketing Introduction. If you are not on the list, don’t worry. I will let you know about it through this blog post.

In this Digital Marketing Introduction, we will have 3 chapters. Each chapter deals with a different topic.

  1. Skills Required for Digital Marketers.
  2. Reasons to become Digital Marketers.
  3. Traditional Marketing vs Digital Marketing.

We will learn all these chapters in Digital Marketing Introduction with in-detail Information.

Digital Marketing:

Marketing the product through an online and promoting it using the Social media platform with the help of mobile phones, display advertising and also using other Digital Medium.

Every Digital Marketer has their own definition on Digital Marketing. In my opinion, Digital marketing is the advanced level of Traditional marketing. Traditional Marketing has its own importance. But Digital Marketing is a game changer and made marketing simple through an online and digital medium.

Do you think It’s all about Digital Marketing Introduction?. No. Let’s jump into Chapter 1 in Digital Marketing Introduction i.e., Skills Required for Digital Marketers. In this Chapter 1, You will know about the Skill which really helps you to become a good Digital Marketer. Let’s jump into the topic

Skills Required for Digital Marketers:

Yes! You heard it correct. There are few skills that every Digital Marketer should have. Don’t get panic I have a solution to make you feel better. At the end of the topic, you will acquire all the skills that were required. The only thing is expecting from you is, Pay an attention to the blog post and make a note on every point and bookmark the links that I have given in this blog post.

Digital Marketing Introduction: Chap-1 Skills Required

Now let’s jump into the topic, Yes! You need to have 8 skills to become good Digital Marketer. Make sure to have all these 8 Skills.

  1. Content and Creative Excellence
  2. WordPress Managment Skills
  3. Photo Editing and Designing Skills
  4. Data Analysis
  5. Practice and Passion
  6. Fundamentals of Marketing
  7. Ability to stay updated to the current Trends
  8. Ability to understand and use different Channels

These are the 8 Skills that you need to have. Now Let us know about each and every skill in detail. I already promised you that I will make you gain all these 8 skills at the end of the post. Let’s dive deep now

1. Content and Creative Excellence:

First and foremost thing in digital marketing is Content. Content plays a very important role in the world of digital marketing. You don’t need to be a master in the English language. But you should at least have higher class English proficiency. Worry about grammatical mistakes? Not any more. Install “Grammarly Extension” from chrome. This detects your grammatical mistakes and corrects you if you have done a mistake.

Coming to the creativeness, In this Digital world, everyone is creative on their own self. The only difference that makes is, “How creative you are than others?” The topics you select makes you different from others and that help you with your fast growth in the world of digital marketing.

2. WordPress Managment Skills:

This is important. This is very important for digital marketers. You may ask me why? The answer is very simple. To be the full stack Digital Marketer, you need to know the Programming language. Of course, WordPress is not a programming language, You should at least know CMS (Content Managment System).

You know what’s interesting in WordPress? If you know WordPress and how to manage it? You can work as a WordPress freelancer which generates money other than digital marketing. You can design blog/website on your own without any help of programmers.

It’s not difficult to learn WordPress. We have many tutorials on youtube. Select one and Start learning WordPress. My recommendation is to learn it from WebFox. You will have totally 38 videos which are easy to learn and good to understand.

3. Photo Editing and Designing Skills:

Photo editing skill and designing skills are very important. You don’t need to know completely about Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator or Coral Draw. At least you should know how to edit images with a basic mobile app. You should be a master in Visualization.  Don’t worry you will get it by practice.

Use photo editing software’s like canvas, Stencil. It’s easy to learn. Don’t be panic. The only thing you should be careful about is visualization.  The final output of the image should be beautiful and should attract your visitors.

7 free Graphic Designing Tools available for Non-Graphic Designers:

I know that’s a Yaaahoooo moment!! I can feel that happiness. Below is the list of 7 Free Graphic Designing Tools that are available on play store. I gonna give it with the link. Just go through it.

  1. Canvas
  2. Bobble App
  3. Stencil
  4. TypoRama (For iPhone Users)
  5. WordSwag (For both iPhone and Android User)
  6. Quik (Video Editing Tool)
  7. Inshot (For images and videos)

These are the 7 great tools for Non-Designers which makes you feel like pro designers. Take care of visualization like Indian legendary directors Rajamouli, Shankar, and Maniratnam Sir.

4. Data Analysis:

The 4th Crucial Skill to become the great Digital Marketer is Data Analysis. Digital is purely data-driven. You might run hundreds of campaigns you’re probably having thousands of registers to your site but unless or until you told track what’s working and what’s not, you are going fall in digital marketing journey.

They are tools like Google Analytics, Hootsuite and other digital marketing tools, which help you to understand the behavior of the visitors on your website and then there are tools for listening that will help you to analyze the sentiments of people on the internet

Every Digital Advertisement platform has its data-driven approach and you need to become a rock star to drive great results for yourself.

5. Practice and Passion:

The only thing that requires to stand top in the world of digital marketing field is “Practice and Passion”. Passion doesn’t work alone. It needs a partner. The only suitable partner for Passion is Practice. The more you practice, The more you gain.

Remember, Practice and passion take you to the top, in this field.

6. Fundamentals of Marketing

One of the best parts in digital marketing is, you don’t need to know completely about marketing. You just need basic knowledge of marketing.

If I am not wrong, everyone knows what is marketing. What are the basic ways we use to Promote our product? and how to reach them to our target audience. This is what Fundamental marketing is.

Time changes. Generation is evolving. Digitalization improved. In this time, if we want to Promote any product, we use Social Media. That’s where Digital Marketing comes from.

7. Ability to stay updated to the current Trends:

As an engineer, we generally stay updated with the latest technologies and trends. But, when it comes to digital marketing, the equation will be changing. We need to know the latest updates and changes regarding digital marketing. Because Digital marketing is not the same compared to the last 5 years. Digital evaluation completely changed the ball game of digital marketing.  Follow Neil Patel blogs, to know the latest digital marketing trends

So stay updated with digital marketing trends along with the latest technologies.

8. Ability to understand and use different Channels:

This is a very easy task for you. I repeat, very easy. As a 90’s kid, we know how to deal with these kinds of digital channels. We are the only generation that has seen the change and evaluation of social media. We even have Orkut accounts. So this is not a big task for us. We can deal with different digital channels. The only thing requires is, Stay updated within those digital channels and need to understand every change.

Final Words:

That’s all about the Skills you need to know and you need to have. I want to see you as a good Digital Marketer, So, I have suggested you all these 8 skills. I have also given you the links which makes easy to find things simple. Now It’s your turn to acquire these skills.

It’s not the end of Digital Marketing Introduction. It’s an end of Chapter 1. In Chapter 2 of Digital Marketing Introduction, you will learn about the “Reasons to learn Digital Marketing“. Stay tuned for one more interesting Topic.

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