Creative Posters of Ganesh Chaturthi

Creative Posters of Ganesh Chaturthi:

11th day. Which is called “Anant Chaturdashi.” Last day of Ganesh Utsav. With all our heavy hearts It’s time to send our favorite god to Kailash. But These 11 day’s internet went gaga over brands creatives on Ganesh festival. Let me share those creative posters of Ganesh Chaturthi.

Creative Posters:

Last Year “Brooke Bond Red Label” had Stole the show with long format ad on social media. This time brands from almost all sectors joined the festivity. Most of them belong to Food, Decor, Transport, and Music.

Now let’s jump into the brand’s creative posters of Ganesh Chaturthi 

#1. MI India

Let’s start with our Fav brand MI. They turn their wireless earphone in the shape of Ganesh which is very creative.

#2 BMW Motorrad

I never have seen BMW participating Indian festival in social media campaigns. But to my surprise, I found this creative which is an ultra super creative poster.

#3 Godrej Properties

Third, in the list of Creative Posters of Ganesh Chaturthi is Godrej. Godrej will always be on the list. The way they made Ganesh with their products is so impressive. 

#4 Nature’s Basket

We all know Lord Ganesh favorite food is MODAK. Nature’s basket came up with a creative that Ganesh eating MODAK soon after he smells it. Must appreciate their creative way of saying it.

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#5 Indigo Paints

Simple yet attractive. take a look

#6 Parle-G

Parle-G will always in my brand creative list. I will never miss their creativity and they will never disappoint us. See their creativity.

#7 Mercedes-Benz India 

If BMW Joined the Festival Creative, why not Benz? Mercedes will always find its own way of celebrating the Indian festival. Their poster in one word. Very brilliant and very creative. 


When the music starts, everyone⁠ comes out to dance – together!⁠

⁠Let’s say it as perfect content which resembles and Ganesh festival. Should give all credits to content writer.  

#9 Swiggy

Swiggy says Ganesh as a real foodie which is not wrong actually.

#10 Uber Eats India

 Simple yet creative

#11 Mc Donald’s

I never get bored with Mc D Creative though they use “M” every time. Because they are very creative

#12 Toppr 

Its part of our tradition to keep our book near Ganesh idol on Ganesh Chaturthi. They way toppr used it was soo creative and for sure this is the most creative poster of 2019 compared to all other brands.

#13 Voot

Let’s appreciate their creative team for making such a beautiful GIF

#14 Peter England

Find him very soon. I know how hard it is to do campaigns for the textile industry. When it comes to creatives, it’s really hard to play. But this man absolutely nailed it.

Final Words:
Hope you like the brand creatives. These are some creative of well know brands. Next post will be very interesting. Brands welcome iPhone 11 with their Creative. Stay Tuned

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