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Content Marketing helps SEO in many ways! What? Really. I don’t think so.”, said my colleague when I asked him if he knows that content marketing helps SEO.

What do you think? Is SEO really nothing without content? Or Content Marketing is too good to be a part of the SEO growth plan.

Well, I have an answer for that. In my view, SEO and Content Marketing co-exist like light’s wave and particle natures. Both of them have different principles and all, but they can co-exist and we can’t even realize they are like that always. But, the question is “Is it always like that?“. I will answer this question at the end of this blog post, but be sure to follow the article to understand my answer.

SEO and Content Marketing
SEO and Content Marketing

SEO and Content Marketing are both different and the same. This can be tricky. But, SEO can’t be optimistic without content. At the same time, Content Marketing came into limelight due to the recommended SEO practices. They are really not that different as people think they are.

SEO != Content Marketing?

Content Marketing and SEO vary in elemental contrasts all the time. Like, the main elemental difference between them is explained by the following points:

SEO is a narrow region which is more perceivable in a technical manner. While the other is a much broader topic and it comes in all forms and sizes. Because content can be anything. It has various forms(audio, video, text). Its main purpose is to inform people about something that catches their attention with ease.

But, SEO is not like that. There are specified rules to control that.

The doubts and questions about this topic are created by dysphoria due to misconceptions between digital marketers. And at one point in time, one of the biggest publishers in the world, Guardian was mistaken. They published an article which states: “It looks like Google has tired of its old friend SEO and is instead cozying-up to the new kid on the block, content marketing” [sic].

But, thank god! There are enough people to break their myths to tell how SEO and Content Marketing are different but blend together like a cocktail to get you high on the ecstasy of Digital Marketing.

And again the question arises. “How does Content Marketing helps SEO?”

The purpose of this chapter is simple; to provide you with an understanding of why content is important for SEO and how to do that. What are you waiting for? Let’s dive into the chasm of Content and SEO.

Content Marketing and SEO:

So, does Content and SEO follow the Schrodinger’s uncertainty principle? Nah, they don’t. Because they co-exist all the time. Yes, they are two different topics. But, they blend so well that we wouldn’t want them to be separated.

Let them tell you an example to get this clear. Somebody wants their site to be ranking in 1st page of Google Search Results (Actually everybody wants that). He made an SEO plan for that. Things like Keyword Research, no.of keywords in description etc. get into play.

But, he didn’t write content in a manner users latch onto it. And he didn’t implement a simple UI too.

And the day has come to check the performance of the site in search results. It is nowhere in the 1st page, not even in the 2nd page. He found it in 7th page whereas the keyword he searched for displayed 7 pages itself.

Where did he go wrong? He didn’t realize content strategy is important too.

He just concentrated on SEO plans and left Content Marketing aside alone. So, what does he need to do change his performance? And what did he do?

He hired a renowned freelancer to implement Content Marketing. And within a few weeks, his site started performing better in search results. After a month or so, his site was performing way better than he expected, only after he transitioned to a friendly UI/UX. And that’s how he did it.

SEO vs Content Marketing
SEO vs Content

That’s how it works.

Points to remember here:

Always note that your keyword research isn’t simply enough to be good unless you use those keywords in your content. And, creating content without thinking about your audience insights will leave you stranded in a dessert of search results without significant traffic.

Adding to that, high-quality content will definitely earn you backlinks which is the greatest thing for any site. And at last, it’s what search engines crawl when they arrive at your site. And you need a user-friendly interface to make your users feel good which brings in constant and consistent traffic.


Because there is no such thing as SEO without content. SEO is actually all about Content. Content strategies mean a lot in SEO. Adding to that there are methods, rules, and strategies that employ SEO.

SEO needs keywords. It needs content. It needs backlinks.

However, Content Marketing introduces Keywords, Backlinks (through quality content) and it is content after all.

SEO and Content Marketing is bliss.
SEO and Content Marketing is bliss.

That’s all you ever need to implement an SEO plan with effective Content strategies.

My final say on this topic is that “Without Content Marketing, SEO is a stranded ship in Ocean. And Content Marketing with SEO is thin air on vast-lands. So, both of them go hand-in-hand. And you shouldn’t overdo one neglecting other. You should make your own recipe; blending your idea with the ingredients of SEO and Content Marketing.

P.S: Do you remember my question from earlier in this post! “SEO and Content Marketing co-exist all the time. Is it always like that?

The answer to that question is still an arguable topic. But it is a simple one though.

SEO and Content Marketing Meme
Meme in Marketing

Yes, both of them are necessary to make it work every time. That’s all, folks. I hope you like this article. And if you do so, share or like our content. Spread the word around.

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