Black Hole Creative Campaigns

Black Hole Creative Campaign:

The World is going gaga over it. America Space Research Center NASA recently discovered Blackhole existence in the Universe. Blackhole is based on the “Theory of Relativity” which was proposed by the legendary scientist Einstein. 

Katie Bouman, Imaging Scientist used an algorithm to create the first ever images of a black hole of 5 petabytes size which is equal to 3.3 million times the size of the earth. Soon after the image uploaded in the social media, the world went mad and caught the wind of trend.

Now, this Blackhole took the world new turn. Brands incorporated this discover and pulling out their creativity to promote their product by relating it with Blackhole as a topical post. Creative campaigning on Blackhole is now the latest trend in the market. This kind of Marketing is called Moment Marketing. 

Moment Marketing:

Moment Marketing is a creative marketing campaign which is used with the latest Inovation, recent changes or new discover in the internet world.

Big brands are taking this as an advantage and coming up with the new innovative ideas on their product and linking it with the black hole. I have some of the big brands which came up with black hole-creative campaigning which made their product to reach the max to their customers and to the rest of the world as well.

Now let’s see which brand played well in the game of black hole creative campaign. I left you to decided the winner of this campaign. Let me know in the comments.

Blackhole Creative Campaigning:

Many well-known brands like Zomato, Swiggy, Uber eats, Godrej, Durex Camlin, etc.. joined the game of Blackhole creative campaign with their creativity. As a Digital Marketing Person, I couldn’t able to resist myself to share this information with you. I just want everyone to know about these creative promotions.

Now let’s jump into the blackhole creativity of the big brands.

Godrej Aer:

Godrej is one of the well-known brands in the world knows how to use their product with the latest trends. They came up with an interesting sentence which grabs their customers attention.

Black holes may be blurred but our Fragrances are Clear, Crisp, Bright and Delightful. Whoohh what a sentence it is.

My Second favorite. Personally, I love Amul Campaignings. When it comes to topical posts, Amul never misses a chance to grab our love and affection to their products. Special mention to their taglines. They are as good as their products.

Not black, Not yellow.
Holesome Snack!

What a fantastic lines they are.


Swiggy took a major dig on Tummy. That’s how swiggy do their marketing. Mentioning “There is a lot of space in the tummy when you’re hungry”. Savage way of saying and their line was brilliant.

File photo of your stomach when you’re hungry.


This damn hole is keep sucking my abs in! was my take when I saw this image on social media. Zomato always attracts with their creative.

The black hole is all our diet plan.

Uber Eat India:

Uber came up with a similar ideology of Zomato in this topical post. But the line they came up with is all the difference.

Some said they donut see it. Vada you see?

Camlin Official:

“The black hole isn’t all black”. This line grabs my attention. and undoubtedly they used it perfectly as no one did. The creativity of this topical post was next level. This post gained all the attention.

Brand Factory:

Brand Factory is the place where we get all the branded products in offer rate and they came up with a good black hole creative campaign by saying

We took a closer look at our logo & it’s clear why we have #Discounts365Days.

Leonardo Olive Oil:

They know the pulse of the foodies and they used it perfect.


Durex South Africa:

Here comes my 1st Favorite. Don’t take me wrong. As a marketing person, I love the way they promote their product. The level of creativity they use, will always mesmerize their customers and also the other marketing person. Every time they come up with topical post their raise the bar of their creativity. In this blackhole creative campaign, they use the hashtag called #OwnYourSituation

Your quote app:

My favorite writing app. I write my quotes here. Your quote app perfectly used the topical post on Blackhole with their logo. Here is how they posted

Yourquote Blackhole

Cartoon Network

It’s hard to forget Cartoon Network our childhood memory which gave us all happiness with their unique Cartoon shows. Here is how Cartoon Network revealed the Blackhole

This is how black hole creative campaign went with all these brands. These are the well-known brands who used it perfectly with all the creativity they had. Now it’s your turn to choose the winner. Who played it better?. Let me know in the comments.

Vishnu Vardhan Written by:

Hey!! Vishnu here from Vishakapatanam State of Andhra Pradesh. Am an Entrepreneur, Animation Designer, and Digital Marketing Expert.