Chap-2: 9 Reasons to learn Digital Marketing

Learn Digital Marketing.

Welcome to the 2nd Chapter of Digital Marketing Introduction. Hope you all went through my 1st Chapter which is on Required Skills to became good Digital Marketer. If you miss Please go through the link. In this Chapter 2 of Digital Marketing Introduction, You will know about the Reason to learn Digital Marketing Let’s get into the topic.

9 Reasons to learn Digital Marketing:

Yes, You need only 9 reasons to learn Digital Marketing and I will explain to you why? If you are a start-up owner like me, we will know the importance of Digital Marketing. Because every start-up needs a digital marketer rather than recruiting traditional marketer.  60% of business is happening through online which we do not dare to miss it. At the initial stage of a Startup, we cannot recruit a large number of employees. But every company nowadays, recruiting Digital Marketing Executives for their business to run successfully

Coming to the point, yes! You have 9 reasons to learn Digital Marketing for both professional and personal use. Here go the reasons.

Reason 1: Not Required Technical Knowledge:

To be a Doctor, We need an MBBS degree. To be an Engineer, We need B.Tech Degree. But to be a Digital Marketer, We don’t need to have any kind of technical knowledge we just need to update with the latest tech news and the latest changes in the Digital Marketing field. If you are worried about your degree not related to Digital Marketing, worry not. Big head in this field is not from Digital Marketing degree background. They only have a passion to do something different in this field.

I have an interesting survey which is happened in recent time on the knowledge required for Digital Marketing.

  • Technical Stuff     : 10%
  • Content                  : 50%
  • Right Process       : 30%
  • Analytics                : 10%
Reason 2: Digital Is Growing:

Digital is growing like it has no dead end. In near future, it going to increase more in the numbers which we can’t even imagine. Traditional Marketers cannot handle this all alone. They need a special training to get into this field. So marketing is searching for Digital Marketers. If you are one in Digital Marketers Congratulation you have a bright future. If not, Hit the best institution which provides you the quality Digital Marketing Training.

I have something to show which really amaze you with the stats how Digital is Growing. This stats shows up to Jan 2017 how digital got evolved and became part of our life.Reason 2 Digital is growing

Reason 3: Present and Future belongs to Digital Marketers:

Yes, what you heard was right. Feature belongs to Digital Marketers. That doesn’t mean Traditional Marketing is dying. It means, digital media users are growing and importance of digital marketers is gradually increasing year by year.

In 2017, more than 2000 digital marketers are recruited by respective companies. Companies of this generation are mainly focussing on digital media promotions which can help to reach out the audience easily and fastly.

Reason 4: Market Needs Digital Marketers:

Yes! That’s true. Markets need Digital Marketers. Do you know? Traditional marketers are trying to turn as a digital marketer. Because digital marketing has a demand these days.

I have a friend who has 7 years experience in Traditional Marketing. By knowing Traditional marketing got upgraded to digital marketing he decided to change the field.

Got trained in Digital Marketing and now he is my colleague working as a Digital Marketing Executive.  The market is searching for us. To say it real, companies are waiting for digital marketers.

Reason 5: As a Career Opportunity:

Yes!! Now you will find some interesting things to know about. Every Digital Marketer has the same question at the beginning of the first step. Even I googled regarding this but never worried about a job. Because One of my friends said you can do freelancing after learning digital marketing. Yes now am doing freelancing and earning 30k for the project.

Digital Marketing is not all about getting opportunities. It’s all about creating opportunities on your own by doing it. If you still worry about the Career Opportunity look down to know more


Here’s a list of the various digital marketing positions available for those seeking a career in this arena

  • DMH (Digital Marketing Head)
  • DMM (Digital Marketing Manager)
  • DME (Digital Marketing Executive)
  • SEO Executive
  • SEO Specialist
  • Content Marketing Manager
  • Content Marketer
  • Inbound Marketing Manager
  • Social Media Expert
  • Social Media Specialist
  • Search Engine Marketers
  • Conversion Rate Optimizer
  • Content Writers
  • Google Analytic Analyst
Salaries in Digital Marketing Field

Here I listed Salaries for the Different positions in Digital Marketing Field based on their experience. Please go through it.

Salaries in DM Filed

Reason 6: It Saves Cost

It Saves Cost. Digital Marketing is not free of cost solution. It can be a cost-effective solution. Limited Budgets, Fewer budgets when compared to Traditional Advertisements but yes it involves projects. If you are a Digital Marketer on your own you can save

  • Agency Fee
  • Cost of Traditional Advertisements or Traditional Ads
  • Cost per acquiring leads is a lot cheaper
  • By learning Digital Marketing yourself, you can practice Digital Marketing for your Business

Traditional Marketing vs Digital Marketing

Reason 7: Integrated Marketing is Need of an Hour:

Digital Marketing is Crucial part of Marketing Mix. One of my clients saw an immediate boost in leads through Digital Ads as the TVCs are rolled out. So that is a healthy mix of a Traditional as well as Digital Activities. When people see your advertisements in the traditional world, they remember or they take a call to action.

But when they see your advertisement after this on Digital Space after this year advertisement in a traditional space it is a very strong call to action for them and the higher chances for two-way communication and higher chances of Introduction.

So its very important that when you are thinking of Digital Marketing Campaigns you just cannot go only digital unless you are very small, medium business. But if you are from a large Organisation, you need to do both Traditional and Digital Marketing in order to become successful in the space.

Reason 8: Digital Marketing is Crucial for your personal Branding:

Yes! Digital Marketing is very important for Personal Branding. Whatever the profession you are in it doesn’t matter. If you have digital Marketing Skills in your hand you can be the best in your field.

Let me tell you this. Am a designer first, No one knows that am a good designer except few friends and my parents. But after learning Digital Marketing I started promoting my designs to get new projects. Now am earning 10K per month and also doing Digital Marketing Projects as well which cost 30K per Month.

If you are a Musician or a Dancer, or a Sportsperson or a cooking expert you need to learn Digital Marketing for Showcasing your work to the rest of the world. Digital Marketing has the power to take your talent to the global level.

Reason 9: No Pre-Defined Cost

Digital Marketing has no pre-defined cost unlike traditional advertising it’s where you pay for space or pay for full-page advertisements which have a prefixed course. In Digital Marketing your budget defines each. Sometimes your cost per conversion is higher, Sometimes cost per conversion is very cheaper.

You have to do different levels of testings using different keys AB Testing, Split testing in order to understand how it works. Models like Cost per Click (CPC), Cost per Impression (CPI), Cost per Conversion can help you to get better in this process.

Final Words:

This is all I have to say you in this Chapter – 2. These are the 9 reasons to learn digital marketing. Digital Marketing is future guys. You need to find a good institution to learn this skill. It’s your time to learn. Be the part of Digital Marketing world.

Marketing is waiting for Digital Marketers. Be the one who fills the gap with good Digital Marketing Knowledge.

Hope these 9 reasons to learn Digital Marketing will help you build your career in Digital Marketing. It’s the end of Chapter 2. In Chapter 3 of Digital Marketing Introduction, you will learn about the difference between Traditional Marketing and Digital Marketing.

This is Vishnu
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